Synergy Services Corporation,  is one of the experienced company in design, Fabrication and Erection & Commissioning works.    We render our maximum effort to fulfill customer requirement in achieving best quality, timely delivery with competitive cost. 

  1. Steel fabrication works
    • Heavy structural works for industries
    • System burners assembly and accessories
    • Turndish driers
    • Bag filter house
    • Conveyer rollers and pulleys
    • Crusher hammers
    • Slag drives
    • MS gratings
    • GI garbage bins
    • Pile shoes
    • Electrical panels
    • Machining items shafts, pins , bushes etc
    • Hollow processed steel doors and windows
    • Bucket elevators
    • MS motorized gates
    • MS motorized rolling shutters
    • Wire rope slings
    •  pressure vessels and storage tanks
    • Pipeline works of MS , SS , GI
    • MS trolleys with drives
    • ID fans
    • Painting and galvanizing of steel structures

Cold Repair Compounds for Protection to Steel & Concrete Surfaces

Protective Coating (cold compounds) to Concrete and Steel surfaces for protection against Corrosion, Erosion and Abrasion, EPOXY flooring, Alkali  & Acid Resistant floorings, Insulation Floorings, Storage tanks internal and external acid/alkali resistant coatings.

Cold repair compounds

  • Protective coating against corrosion, erosion and abrasion to surfaces of steel and concrete structures
  • Epoxy flooring, alkali and acid resistant surfaces
  • Insulation floorings
  • Internal and external coating of pipelines and storage tanks

Machining Works

Our metal fabrication consist of building metal structures with cutting, bending, machining, assembling, welding, painting and QA inspection processes. We have 2 manufacturing facilities that we can give our clients a one stop engineering solution. Metal fabrication and machining jobs will usually start with drawings that is provided by the client. Then move to the fabrication stage and finally to the installation of the final project til delivery.

Fabrication Works

When it comes to service you can rely on SYNERGY SERVICES CORPORATION  with added extras such as customer specific job requirements, plus competent advisors who will help you to find an individual solution and much more.  We distinguish ourselves in our renewed focus to deliver faster services with a better understanding of the engineering challenges and stronger relationships with our clients. This is achieved only through a motivated and knowledgeable team, who are able to adapt to new situations and environments.


We are manufacturing and supplying a range of Waste and Garbage Dustbin. Our technologically-advanced products include Wheeled Dustbin, Two Wheeled Dustbin and Four Wheeled Dustbin. Our comprehensive waste management services and large assortment of products have profound uses in residential complexes, hotels, industries, hospitals and restaurants.